Car wash w/Property #2003
Camden Co., New Jersey.
90,000 cars/year.
Property 9/10 of acre included.
Room for lube.
Total price:$1,895,000.
Or $795,000-business only.
Car wash #2004
Brooklyn, New York.
60,000 cars/year + gas +C-store + rentals.
Cash flow:$581,000.
Total price:$1,550,000.
Car wash #2005
Nassau County, New York.
30 year lease!!
Lube + Detail Center. Property available.
Cash flow:$400,000.
Total price:$875,000.
Car wash #2008
Brooklyn, New York.
Cash flow:$500,000.
Total price:$1,375,000.
Car wash #2012
Suffolk County, New York.
This is one of the top car washes in the
North East. Hugely busy. Lots of extra room
for lube,that would be phenominally busy.
30 year lease!!!
Super modern. Owner Can Prove Numbers!!!
Cash flow:$853,000.
Total price:$3,700,000. Down:$1,600,000.
Car wash #2028
Stamford, Connecticut.
Wonderful location.
26 year lease!!!
Gross near $800,000.
Total price:$795,000.



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