Optical store
Manhattan, New York.
Very busy midtown area. Open only 5 days/week.
Cash flow:$73,000.
Total price:$200,000. Down:70%.
Coffee Shop
Manhattan, New York.
Great Location. 1,150 s.f.
9 year + option lease.
6 employees, 35 seats.
Totally absentee owner.
Cash flow:$237,000.
Total price:$960,000.
Hair salon
Brooklyn, New York.
1,800 s.f. in very busy prime area.
10 year lease. 12 employees!!
Owner will stay in business for one year.
Cash flow:$150,000.
Total price:$149,000.
Gelatoria,Bar and Grill
Brooklyn,New York.
10 year lease. 6 employees. Busy area.
Cash flow:$120,000.
Total price:$275,000.
Limousine Company
Brooklyn, New York.
9 stretch cars. 26 years in business.
Cash flow:$250,000.
Total price:$599,000.
Taxi & Car Service #101
Monmouth Co., New Jersey.
9 Drivers + 4 Office Workers.
12 Taxi Licenses.
Cash flow:$351,555.
Total price:$900,000.
Restaurant/Pizzeria #7
Staten Island, New York.
2,500 s.f. + bsmt + parking.
15 year lease. 20 employees.
160 seats. Liquor license.
100% owner absentee.
Option to buy a property.
Cash flow:$300,000.
Total price:$699,000.
Fitness Center
Brooklyn, New York.
Gym for women. Franchise.
1,100 s.f. + bsmt. 11 years at the same place.
10 year lease. 3 employees.
Cash flow:$53,340.
Total price:$110,000.
Optical Store
Brooklyn, New York.
1,200 s.f. on very busy street.
Open six days (11-7).
Cash flow:$112,760.
Total price:$219,000.
Bar and Lounge #30
Brooklyn, New York.
1,000 s.f. + full bsmt.
9 year lease. 5 p/t employees.
32 seats. Over 30 years in business!
Cash flow:$170,000.
Total price:$265,000.
Deli/Bakery #34
Brooklyn, New York.
4,000 s.f. + bsmt. 15 year lease.
3 f/t + 3 p/t employees.
100% absentee owner.
Cash flow:$210,000.
Total price:$450,000.
Beauty Salon w/Property
Staten Island, New York.
2,100 s.f. full service beauty salon
with two family house in very busy area.
Shopping mall across the street.
28 year in business. 24 p/t employees.
Cash flow:$158,000.
Total price:$799,000.
Kosher Pizzeria #12
Brooklyn, New York.
2,000 s.f. + 1,000 s.f. bsmt.
10 year lease + 5 year option.
Open 6 days. 4 employees.
25 seats.
Cash flow:$145,000.
Total price:$260,000.
Child Daycare Center w/Property
Staten Island, New York.
Opportunity to buy a child daycare business
and 6,500 s.f. building (2 stories + cellar).
Central A/C and Heating.
Currently licensed for 120 children ages
2-14 years. Layout includes 5 classrooms,
office space, sport facility; music, dance
and art classes, storage space, commercial  kitchen.
The center has 8 exits and 2 outside playgrounds, summer camp for 40 kids per month.
Building is zoned R3-2 with C of O for
kindergarten. Business has 3 licenses --
pre-school, after school and summer camp.
Owner will stay on 2 weeks to train and all
off staff would like to stay.
Total price:$2,895,000.  Cash Flow: $360,000
Kosher Fast Gourmet Food
Brooklyn, New York.
2,200 s.f. + 1,800 s.f. bsmt.
25 year lease!!! Open 5.5 days.
9 employees. 60 seats.
Very busy location.
Cash flow:$298,000.
Total price:$649,000.
Pizza "PAPA JOHN'S" #9
Brooklyn, New York.
17 year lease. 1,000 s.f. + bsmt.
6 employees. 8 seats.
Cash flow:$278,000.
Total price:$450,000.
Glatt Kosher Restaurant
Bronx, New York.
10 year lease. 4,000 s.f.
Open 5 days/week(5am-11pm).
18 employees. 200 seats.
Cash flow:$342,000.
Total price:$1,100,000.
Pizzeria #10
Staten Island, New York.
10 year lease + 5 year option.
1,000 s.f. + parking.
2 employees. 20 seats.
Cash flow:$78,800.
Total price:$79,000.
Pizzeria #17
Hudson,New York.
15 year lease. 14 employees.
105 seats. Brick oven.Busy location.
Cash flow:$152,400.
Total price:$299,000.
Pizzeria #18
Brooklyn, New York.
900 s.f.+ bsmt. 7 year lease + option.
4 employees. 15 seats.
No delivery. 100% owner absentee.
Cash flow:$84,570.
Total price:$179,000.
70% owner financing.




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