Gas Stations

Unbranded gas station w/property #1002A
Bergen County, New Jersey.
65,000 gal/mo. New tanks & pumps.
2 bay repair shop(rented for $2,500/mo). Open- 6am-11pm.
Cash flow:$148,000.
Total price:$899,000.

Exxon Gas station #1003
Staten Island, New York.
60,000 gal/mo. 8 MPDs.
C-store gross $35,000/mo.
Cash flow:$108,220.
Total price:$279,000.

Unbranded Gas Station #1017
Mercer Co., New Jersey.
100,000 gal/mo. 33 year lease!!!
3 MPDs. 3x10,000 gal. tanks.
Open 7 days (6am-11pm).
Option to open a C-store and 2 lifts repair shop
for additional income.
Cash flow:$121,000.
Total price:$299,000.

Unbranded Gas Station #1020
West Phillipsburg, New Jersey.
240,000 gal/mo!! 20 year lease!!
12 MPDs. C- Store.
Very busy location.
Cash flow:$291,400.
Total price:$499,000.

Exxon + Auto repair #1043
Brooklyn, New York.
Gas,repair,C-store and more.
Cash flow:$95,000.
Total price:$240,000.

Unbranded Gas Station #1070
Middlesex County, New Jersey.
85,000 gal/mo (incl. diesel).
4 MPDs,new tanks. C-store.
12 year lease!!
100% owner absentee.
Cash flow:$42,000.
Total price:$99,000.

Unbranded Gas Station w/Property #1071
Burlington County, New Jersey.
80,000 gal/mo.(incl. diesel).
Possibility to make a C-store.
3 MPDs and 1 diesel pump. 4 x 10,000 gal. tanks.
23,000 s.f. property included.
Canopy. Very high pool margin.
Open:6am-9pm. Working owner.
Cash flow:$162,000.
Total price:$819,000.

Unbranded gas station #1083L
Suffolk County, New York.
120,000 gal/mo!! 3 MPDs.
15 year lease!
C-store gross - $35,000/mo.
High pool margin.Beer & cigarettes.
Cash flow:$166,800.
Total price:$495,000.

EXXON #1004
Brooklyn, New York.
70,000 gal/mo. 4 MPDs, Canopy.
C-Store gross- $20,000/mo.
High pool margin.
Cash flow:$110,000.
Total price:$249,000.

Gas station w/Property #1050C
Torrington, Connecticut.
Gas-113,000 gal./mo.
Diesel-15,000 gal./mo.
New tanks install in 2015.
Corner location.
Business & Property for sell.
Cash flow:$180,000.
Total price:$785,000.


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