Optical Store
Manhattan, New York.
1,300 s.f. Busy NYC area.
Cash flow:$107,000.
Total price:$199,000.
Bagel store #703
Brooklyn, New York.
960 s.f. + bsmt.
10 year lease.
7 employees.
Cash flow:$75,000.
Total price:$195,000.
Optical store #101
Manhattan, New York.
10 year lease. Upper East Side.
Cash flow:$116,000.
Total price:$249,000.
Wines store #10
Brooklyn, New York.
East New York area. 10 year lease.
Open 12pm-9pm. 100% absentee owner.
Cash flow:$88,480.
Total price:$169,000.
Deli & Grocery #31
Brooklyn, New York.
10 year lease + option.
3 employees.
Beer & cigarettes license.
WIC program.
Very busy location.
Cash flow:$71,160.
Total price:$119,000.
Grocery store #32
Brooklyn, New York.
700 s.f.,10(5+5)year lease.
Beer & cigarettes license.
20+ years in business.
Busy corner location.
Cash flow:$76,452.
Total price:$120,000.
Deli - Bakery #34
Brooklyn, New York.
4,000 s.f. + bsmt.
15 year lease. Corner location.
Busy area. Fully equiped bakery.
Cash flow:$190,000.
Total price:$499,000.
Brooklyn, New York.
2,700 s.f. + 5,000 s.f. bsmt.
10 year lease. Inventory $130,000 included.
24 years in business.
Cash flow:$149,000.
Total price:$225,000.
Bakery,Pastry Shop
Long Island, New York.
10 year lease with option to buy a property.
2,000 s.f. + bsmt. Open 6 days.
3 employees.
Cash flow:$100,700.
Total price:$159,000.
Liquor store #16
Brooklyn, New York.
1,200 s.f. + bsmt.
9 year lease.
Corner location.
Cash flow:$87,000.
Total price:$199,000.
Liquor store w/Property #18
Rosedale, New york (Queens County).
1,500 s.f. building + full bsmt. + one bedroom
apartment. Two employees. Open 6 days.
17 years same owner.
Cash flow:$264,000.
Total price:$1,250,000.
Gourmet Food Market #7
Brooklyn, New York.
15 year lease!!
2,400 s.f. + full basement + bkyrd.
4 employees.
Cash flow:$98,500.
Total price:$250,000.
Liquor store #20
Brooklyn, New York.
900 s.f. + full bsmt + 6 car parking lot.
10 year lease. Corner location.
Cash flow:$245,000.
Total price:$599,000.
7-ELEVEN Store
Brooklyn, New York.
2,000 s.f. + parking.
Lease till 2026 + (5+5) options.
Open 24/7. 6 employees.
Payment for 7-Eleven-$150,000 fee (financing
with 30% down).
Rent and all utilities pay by 7-Eleven.
Cash flow:$80,000.
Total price:$200,000.
50% financing available by owner.
Bakery #77
Brooklyn, New York.
2,000 s.f. + full bsmt. in busy area.
Open 24/7. 5 employees.
Cash flow:$391,500.
Total price:$599,000.

 Quick Stop Delicatessen Store
 1,500 s.f. in big shopping mall.Very busy location. Totally absentee owner.
  Working owner will do a lot more. 15 year lease.  5 employees.
  Cash flow:$140,000.

  Total price:$410,000.      




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